The Bathroom Stall Project is an economical, portable creative mental health initiative. It is highly customizable, collaborative and innovative. It allows members of any participating group to anonymously confess their fears,  and also offer support to each others, without fear of judgment

The Project goes into schools, workplaces, community centers and other high-population locations using only pencils, paper and tape. The project acts to empowers the entire community- giving voice to all, without fear of persecution. Similar to Post-secret, but operating with an inclusive and positively supportive environment, the program offers people the change to write their confessions, or to spread words of encouragement to others.  

The Bathroom Stall Project is FREE for all. The creator and founder Kierston Drier is happy to send any group an information and instructional package on the program, as well as provide consultation for the program free of charge.  

To reach Kierston for information on The Bathroom Stall Program, or to request Kierston to share her story at your school, event, community center, summit or workplace, visit our Contact Page here at KayWorks.