How We Started

Western University.
January 2013. 
UC English Building, 4th Floor
In the third bathroom stall a question is scribbled. 

"What was the worst day of your life?" 
Next to it, a scrawl of anonymous responses. 

"The day I was raped" - blue pen. 
"The day I realized I was an alcoholic" -Black marker.
"Every day living with this eating disorder"- Pencil
The confessions lingered on the wall, unanswered but not unheard. On January 8th 2013, an anonymous open letter was taped to the stall, responding to the writers. A week later, a photo of the letter posted on the internet went globally viral, spanning the entire North American Continent, the UK and beyond. 
The letters' words? Among them
"You are brave
You are strong
You are worthy
You are loved
Somebody cares."