The Bathroom Stall Project was founded by Kierston Drier, author of the stall note that went internationally viral in January 2013. 
Today, Drier opens her project at the University of Toronto every October through MindFest, a mental health summit focused on destigmatization and mental health awareness. 

The Bathroom Stall Program has opened at Western University, and been presented at the University of Toronto, where Drier has been invited as a guest speaker.

Drier delivers talks where requested, covering the impact of labels and stigmatization, discussing how they are useful for understand our world, but do not define any person, or their human potential. 

Drier is available for talks at all levels, from grade school to corporate offices, from Summits to Events of all kinds dealing with mental health, and the need for unconditional and anonymous support. 

To reach Kierston or to request to talk, please see our Contact Page