Kierston Drier was born in the Northern United States and immigrated to Canada in 2000. A Graduate of MEI International Academy, Humber College and  Western University, Kierston has made her home in the Film and Television scene in Toronto. 

In 2013, an open letter Kierston wrote and left on a bathroom stall at her university went internationally viral, spurring Kierston to found The Bathroom Stall Project, which opens every October at the MindFest Mental Health Summit at the University of Toronto. 

Kierston is a contributor to Film Army, a social film and media blog, curating the Inside The Chaos Series. Kierston was the creator of the little known (and poorly drawn) comedy blog Anything But Average.

Born with a learning disability that made both reading and writing difficult in her formative years, Kierston is an advocate of unconventional learning strategies and withdrew from high school in grade eleven to complete her education in Europe. Since then, Kierston has obtained a double major in Criminology and English and a post graduate in Writing and Producing for Film and Television. 

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